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These comments below are from some of my satisfied home inspection clients.

John and DJ F.

I asked my realtor for a good home inspector. I didn’t get a good one, I got a GREAT one. Jason went over every part the home process from beginning to end. I was with him for three hours(amazing in itself) he looked over every inch of the home as I followed and provided me with valuable information that you cannot get from just reading a book. He took his time, took pictures of what needed to be fixed, explained why this happened and gave a very detailed report. Having a home inspection is important, even more important is having a really good home inspector. If you want to feel good about buying your future home then I would not even hesitate one minute in calling Jason. At the end of this journey I will feel completely confident in my purchace. I honestly had a great experience and will recommened Jason to whomever asks me. Thanks for taking the guess work out.

Melissa and Jason C.

It was a pleasure to have Jason do our home and termite inspection on our first home. He was highly knowledgeable about all the systems in the home and was able to answer all questions. He is very professional and exceeded our expectations. He did a job well done and he will be highly recommended in the future by us. We are very glad we chose Mr. Zingler to perform our inspections.

Noah and Tara B

Jason spent several hours at our new home, he took his time and did a complete and through job inspecting every detail of the house. We recieved a copy of the inspection report the same day Jason did the inspection. The report was awesome and included color photos with every minor detail pointed out. Would highly recommend to anyone in need of a home inspection. Thank you!

Barbara G

Being a single Mom, buying a home for my kids and myself was a scary proposition to say the least, but Jason made me feel confident that if there were issues to be found in my new home, he would find them. I received my detailed report with pictures in less than 24 hrs from the inspection. The information was detailed yet easy to understand. The pictures really made the issues clear and simple to communicate to the current owner. Jason was prompt, knowledgeable and friendly, making the inspection process a very pleasant experience. Grade “A” service, highly recommended.

Trish and Jim M

I was extremely happy with Jason’s service that he provided for our soon to be first time home. He was able to come out and inspect two days after I called him which was awesome! He inspected everything and anything that he could and was happy to answer all my \”dumb\” questions that I had. I received the inspection report right away and was extremely happy with all the detail and pictures he provided. Also, received the termite inspection on site and the radon report was sent as soon as it came back. I’ll definitely recommend him to everyone I know and will be using his services again on our next home. Thanks again!! 🙂 Trish & Jim

Denise and Carl V.

We’d like to commend Mr. Jason Zingler for his knowledge and experience, his professionalism, and the speed at which he responded to our request for inspection service, as well as his findings report which was both detailed and included numerous recommendations. We’d highly recommend Serenity Home Inspections and will be sure to use him in the future.

From: Colleen B

My husband and I used Serenity Inspections for our first home purchase. We found Jason’s thoroughness and professionalism to be a great comfort in an area we knew little about. I was not expecting a report so detailed as to include windows that were hard to open and suggestions on how to improve energy conservation. We were also provided with a home repair manual that is a great reference tool for me in dealing with many trivial home maintenance tasks.

Jason was a very compatible match for us as he had the best prices from a list of competitors, he was able to do our insect and radon inspections, and he was able to accommodate to our very narrow schedule. Since the house was still owner occupied, he allowed us to show the property to inquisitive family members while he performed the inspection.

My gratitude steams from the post-closure advice about radon remediation. Jason urged us to do a follow-up test after reviewing the BBB rating posted for the radon mitigation company. Due to his insistence, we found that the levels were not safe or to the certified limit per the paid contract. Jason is still in touch today pending this resolution and any other problem we come across.

We plan to use Serenity Inspections for all our future purchases and sales and we highly recommend this company to anyone else in the market for an inspector.

Thanks Jason, Colleen & Steve

From: Jesus R

All I can say is bravo!!!! the details of the inspection were great. I made a great decision going to serenity home inspections.

Thanks Jason.

From: Jonelle G

This was my first time purchasing a home; Jason immediately put me at ease. He was very professional and prompt with my reports. The report include pictures of the problem areas which was a nice touch. I would definitely recommend Jason to anyone who needed an inspector.

From: Chris A

Jason came very highly recommended by a friend of ours. We were very happy that all our expectations were not only met, but far exceeded what we were looking for. Jason was prompt, professional, and extremely thorough in all aspects of our home inspection. We now feel secure knowing the things we need to address before we settle on our new home.

From: Doron B

I’m very grateful for the incredible inspection you performed on the property I was considering to purchase for my mother-in-law. The unbelievably thorough job you performed was exceptional even in the snow blizzard conditions. Your findings of several major hidden flaws saved us from future costly expenses. Also worth mentioning is the professional looking binder you provided containing a summary of your findings. Most of all, I was impressed with your professionalism and prompt response to all of my questions. I will always feel confident recommending your services to friends and family members.

Thanks again for a job well done!

From: Dan M

When we decided to sell our home we weren’t sure what things could cause a problem and chose to have our own home inspection done. Thanks to your thoroughness, we are now ready to market our home without fear of someone finding a problem and thus backing out of the deal. The faults you pointed out have been addressed and repairs made as needed. Having the report is also helpful when negotiating with potential buyers. You came very highly recommended and I can understand why!!!!

From: David G

I was extremely pleased with the friendly service I received from serenity home inspections. They turned a necessary chore into a surprisingly enjoyable experience.

From: John M

We were shocked to learn about the hidden problems lurking within the infrastructure of our prospective home. It turned out our dream house was a nightmare. Thank goodness Serenitys’ attention to detail helped us make our decision easier.

From: Divya

Jason really did a good job and very friendly too and the report is ready with in few hours. His inspection is very detailed and I would recommend him.

From: Pamela

I am pleased with the findings and recommendations I have been given by Serenity Home Inspections. The inspection was thorough, complete and very helpful. The knowledge of both the minor and major repairs and/or improvement recommendations are going to be my reference for what needs to get done before and after the purchase of my new home.

From: Larry D

Your inspection was nothing less than perfect. Showing up on such short notice and doing an extremely thorough job was greatly appreciated. I will recommend your service and use it again myself.

From: Donna M

I was very pleased with the inspection of my future new home. I felt safe putting my trust in Jason Zingler. He performed a very complete and thorough inspection. He also explained to us his findings and sent us a very well written report. I felt he did a excellent job. And he is a very nice person.

From: Kevin S

Thanks for making our family feel very informed about our potential purchase. You spotted several things we would of never found and were well worth the price we paid for the inspection!

From: Denise J

I must say, this man knows his stuff. He’s the best; prompt, courteous and extremely detail oriented. Who could as for more when making a purchase as big as buying a home. Thank you Jason for helping my son, Keith and Claribel out. That report really helped. I’ll be calling to get my home inspected also as well as referring others to you.

From: Shatzyt L

I was very pleased with the service provided. I was informed of every little problem that I had no clue about. I would definitely recommend Serenity Home Inspections to anyone.

Serenity Home Inspections is a full service inspection company providing home inspections for central and southern New Jersey.


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Dorothea Iannacone

I have been working with Jason since 2010 for my own personal home inspections as well as my professional real estate business. He is very professional and sends his reports in a timely manner. All of my buyers have been very satisfied. I highly recommend his company.


Jason knows what he is doing; he was very thorough and detail-oriented, and walked us through the inspection, step by step. He asked if we had questions, at multiple junctures during the inspection. He was on time, polite, and explained things very well. We received the full inspection report the same day! The written report echoed everything he talked through with us verbally.

I highly recommend Serenity Home Inspections – professional, knowledgeable, just awesome!

alexia anderson

I reached out to Jason and his response time was very prompt that was the very beginning & a very great first impression on the way business would be conducted. The home inspection was very reasonably priced and scheduled in a timely fashion. On the day of the inspection Jason thoroughly went through the home and went over every detail with us to assure we understood every aspect of what was important to look for and the level of concern attached to it. I will recommend and use Serenity In the future as we were very impressed by their knowledge, integrity, and customer service. Very pleased with our experience.

Janet Weyers

Thank you Jason! Jason was incredible, taking me through the home I am looking to buy room by room, system by system explaining everything he was looking at, both the good and the bad. He answered every question very clearly. The 33 page report was also clearly written with descriptions of the issues, recommendations of what was an immediate concern, and included clear photos. I was able to use that to get estimate for repairs before moving forward with the purchase. I highly recommend Serenity Home Inspections.

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